Essequibo & Mazaruni

Discover the wonders of Guyana’s largest river, the mighty Essequibo.

Tours: Baracara Falls, Marshall Rapids, Saxacalli Beach, Kyk-Over-All, Fort Island
Duration: 1 day
Attraction: Wildlife, Swimming, Boating excursion, Historic sites and more.
Price range: USD$185 per person. Inclusive of transportation, lunch, light refreshments all fees.
Minimum of 4 persons (Special rates apply to Groups of 5 or more)
Category: Soft Adventure

The tour begins at 06.00 hrs, departing Georgetown by bus crossing the Demerara Harbour Bridge
(Demerara River) onto the West Coast of Demerara to the small market town of Parika which is situated on the right bank of the Essequibo River. Here the boat ride up the mighty Essequibo River begins. Our first stop will take you to an Old Dutch Fort where artifacts and other historic interests are quite evident today.

Thereafter the tour continues to Saxacalli beach onto the frontier town of Bartica, the gateway to the interior where mining for minerals such as gold and diamonds are considered to be the main activity. Bartica is the hub of activities for the miners and other interest groups and is said to be a town that never sleeps.

Further up the river, you will encounter the Marshall Rapids. A short hike through the Rainforest, will take you to Baracara Falls where the adventurous may climb the falls for a refreshing dip in a natural jocose.
Wildlife, such as  Howler Monkeys, Parrots and other avian fauna are heard and sometimes seen overhead or in overhanging trees along the river banks. A leisurely ride up the river with the afternoon sun on our backs conclude a fascinating day.

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