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INTRODUCTION Guyana-Land of Many Waters: Guyana is located on the northeastern shoulder of the Continent of South America and is bounded by Suriname in the East, Venezuela in the West, Brazil on the South and South West and the Atlantic Ocean in the North-Northeast. Guyana currently has one on the largest tracks of undisturbed rainforest, accounting for more than 83 % of total land mass , due largely to its inaccessibility and centuries old civilizations of our Amerindian peoples, whom as custodians have lived on the land, relying on the rainforest and its’ rivers for food, medicine, shelter, weapons, and spiritual guidance./p>

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Country Information:

1. Capital City: Georgetown
2. Population: 770,000
3. Language: English and various Amerindian dialects
4. Religion: Hindu, Christian, Muslim
5. Neighboring Countries: Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname
6. Economy: Agriculture, timber, fishing, mining
7. Currency: Guyana Dollar (GYD or G$)
8. Electrical Voltage: 110v with US-style outlets
9. Climate: Coastal wet season mid-December to mid-January and May to June; interior wet season May to July; late December to early January; rest of year generally dry. Average temperature 27.5°C/82°F.

Duration: Three (3) Days
Category: Moderate Adventure
Minimum: 4 Persons
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