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Tour can be customized to suit your schedule, interest and budget” and ” Special rates apply to Groups of 3 or more.

“The Pakaraima Trekking Adventure” entails, trekking, hiking, boating, out-door camping and caters for the hard-core enthusiasts, looking for an extreme challenge, which, to date only a few have dared. It combines, the North Rupununi Savannahs and Wetlands, South and North Pakaraima Mountains, Orinduik Falls on the Guyana-Brazil Frontier, and Kaieteur Falls, world’s largest single drop waterfalls, to name a few of the attractions. It encompasses more than a dozen Amerindian Villages with the Machusi & Wapishana Tribes to the North Rupununi Savannahs & South Pakaraiamas, and Patamonas and Arawaks to the North Pakaraima Mountains.

Feel free to download and print a copy of this package
Pakaraima Trekking Adventure. [PDF].


  • Day 1 Georgetown -Annai (Rupununi Savannahs)

    Early morning flight to Rock View Lodge -North Rupununi Savannahs: Orientation; Overnight.
  • Day 2 Annai- Karasabai (Rupununi Savannahs)

    By boat, trekking & hiking-Kaieteur Guest House.
  • Day 3 Karasabai-Rukumoto (Savannahs/Thrubs/Rainforest)

    Depart Karasabai 06.00 hrs; stops at Tiperu arrive Rukumoto 16.00 hrs: Overnight.
  • Day 4 Rukumoto to Yorong Paru (Rainforest/Thrubs/Mountains)

    Depart Rukumoto 06.00 hrs; arrive Yorung Paru 16.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 5 Yorung Paru to Monkey Mt (Rainforest/Thrubs/Mountains)

    Depart Yorung paru 06.00 hrs; Arrive Monkey Mountain 15.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 6 Monkey Mt to Bamboo Creek (Mountains/Rainforest)

    Depart Monkey Mountain; stops at Tuseneng,: arrive Bamboo Creek ; Overnight.
  • Day 7 Bamboo Creek-Paramakatoi (Mountains/Rainforest)

    Depart Bamboo Creek 06.00 hrs; arrive Paramakatoi 14.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 8 Paramakatoi –Kato (Mountains/Rainforest/Savannahs)

    Depart Paramakatoi 06.00 hrs; arrive Kato 15.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 9 Kato to Orinduik Falls (Mountains/Rainforest/Savannahs)

    Depart Kato 06.00 hrs; stops at Kurukubaru, Itabac, Kanapang; Arrive Orinduik 16.00 hrs
  • Day 10 Orinduik-Waipa (Mountains/Rainforest/Savannahs)

    Depart Orinduik 05.30 hrs; stop at Kamana; Arrive Waipa 15.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 11 Waipa-Chenapou (Mountains/Rainforest/Savannahs)

    Depart Waipa 05.30 hrs; Arrive Chenapou 15.00 hrs; Overnight.
  • Day 12 Chenapou –Potaro River Camp (Rainforest)

    Depart Chenapou via Canoe along the Potaro River; Overnight Outdoor Camp on River Bank.
  • Day 13 Chenapou – Kaieteur

    Depart Outdoor Camp 05.30 hrs; arrive Menzies landing –Kaieteur Plateau 16.00 hrs; continue to Kaieteur Falls; Overnight Kaieteur Guest House.
  • Day 14 Kaieteur Falls

    Extra Day at Kaieteur Falls: overnight Kaieteur Guest House.
  • Day 15 Kaieteur –Ogle-Georgetown

    Depart Kaieteur via aircraft; arrive Ogle; transfer to Georgetown (End of Tour).




Overland Checklist

  • Broad rim or peaked sun hat.
  • Large handkerchief to protect back of neck from sun.
  • Lightweight, quick dry, light colored long pants and shirts (to minimize mosquito bites at night and sunburn in the day)
  • Lightweight socks that dry quickly.
  • Shorts, T-shirts (ideally light color cotton)
  • Slippers or sandals (for easy on and off around camp, or when boots drying out)
  • Appropriate boots for hiking, preferably water-proof.
  • Poncho
  • Sunscreen and chap stick
  • Insect repellent
  • Medications for specific personal conditions (for allergic reactions, heart conditions, digestive disturbances, malaria prevention etc.)
  • Calamine lotion or sunburn cream
  • Sunglasses (ideally with carrying straps)
  • Small personal first aid kit (aspirins, small bandages, rubbing alcohol,antibiotic cream, diarrhea medication, gauze pads and rolls of tape insect cream
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Backpack
  • Labeled plastic bags and tiedowns (to protect everything against dirt, rain, submersion)
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, paste, soap, small towel, etc.)
  • Small flashlight and extra batteries (indispensable if you have to get out of the hammock at night)
  • Camera, lenses, films, memory card
  • Copy Biographic page of Passport

    Duration: 15 days 14 nights
    Category: Hard Adventure
    Minimum: 4 persons
    Price: $3,495 USD
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