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Tour can be customized to suit your schedule, interest and budget” and ” Special rates apply to Groups of 3 or more.

The Amazon Adventure explores the history and culture of five diverse regions of South America (English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish), featuring its natural wonders, historical sites, monuments, heritage buildings and more. Experience the traditions, belief and way of life, from the Maroons (Run- away Slaves) of Suriname and French Guiana Border, Patamona, Macushi and Wapishana Indians of the Pakaraimas & Savannahs of Guyana and North Eastern Brazil, to the Caboclos of the Amazonas, and how their centuries old co-existence have preserved, the rich bio-diversity that this integral to the Amazon Region.

Click to read and print the full Amazon Adventure tour package itinerary. [PDF].

Day 1: Arrival French Guiana:

Arrived Rochambeau International Airport, Guyane, where you will be met by our bilingual guide and introduced to Cayenne; Overnight Best Western Amazonia or Equivalent.

Day 2: Devil’s Island:

amazonadventure_01At around 07.00 hrs our guide will transfer you by vehicle to Korou, located fifty-six (56) km from Cayenne. Here you would depart by Catamaran for Iles Du Salut. known throughout the modern world by the brutal history of the 19th century Frenchpenal settlement that was located here, it was Ile du Diable (or Devil’s Island itself) that perpetuated that story across the planet, especially with the release of a novel and movie called Papillon. Although a fictional tale, it contained accounts of the difficult dailylife gathered from actual surviving prisoners. The island’s most famous prisoner, Captain Dreyfuss, a French army officer falsely accused of espionage, spent over 5 years on Devil’s Island itself. He was finally pardoned and awarded the French Legion of Merit. Regardless, his years of imprisonment and the fate of thousands of others have made the Devil’s Islands an unfortunate part of French history. Return to Korou in the afternoon; Overnight Hotel Atlantis or Equivalent (B)

Day 3: Space Center Museum & Transfer to Suriname:

After breakfast, take a short drive to the Guiana Space Centre or, more commonly, Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG) Museum for a tour. Operational since 1968, it is particularly suitable as a location for a spaceport as it fulfills the two major geographical requirements of such a site. Return to your Hotel for Check out and continue by vehicle to St Laurent Du Maroni some 190 km, cross the Du Maroni River by ferry onto Albina, Suriname. The journey continues for another 168km to Parimaribo; Overnight Eco Resort Inn or Equivalent (B).

Day 4: Colonial Paramaribo & Historic Plantations:

amazonadventure_03After breakfast, we take you on a tour of the inner city of Paramaribo. Experience the most prominent historic buildings and their unique architecture, UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Independence Square, Palm Garden, Fort Zeelandia and the waterfront. We will also visit the local market, where the Maroons (Descendants of Slaves) offer for sale, crafts, hand-made jewelry, locally grown fruits and a variety of natural herbs (local medicine) spices etc. After the city tour, we will visit the historical coffee plantation Frederiksdorp. On our way there, you can enjoy the river with beautiful views and spot Pink belly dolphins. After sunset, we will drive back to the hotel in Paramaribo. Overnight Eco Resort Inn or Equivalent (B)

Day 5: Fly to Georgetown-Enjoy Historic Georgetown & Kaieteur Falls:

After breakfast, transfer to Zoorgenhoop International Airport for your flight at 08.30 hrs arriving EF Correia Airport at 08.30 hrs (Guyana Time). Check into Hotel and continue to tour the City of Georgetown. Experience Guyana’s Historic Landmarks, Colonial Architecture dating back to the Seventeenth Century, and its pluralistic, ethnically, racially and religiously diverse peoples, referred to as the “Melting Pot” of the Caribbean. After the City tour, return to your hotel. At 11.30 hrs, return to the EF Correia Airport for a one hour flight to Kaieteur Falls, World’s Largest Single Drop Water Falls, Kaieteur is nearly five times the height of Niagara Falls and considered the Crown Jewel of Guyana. Here we undertake a two-Hours Guided Tour of the various vantage points and hope to find White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts swirling over the gorge, and the astonishingly colorful Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock; Return the Georgetown; Overnight Cara Lodge or Similar(B)

Day 6: Santa Elena, Venezuela via Lethem & Boa Vista, Brazil:

This morning take a 1 hour flight from EF Correia Airport onto the foothills of the Kanuku Mountains, to Lethem, on the Guyana/Brazil Border, in the Rupununi Savannahs. The Rupununi Savannah is to Guyana what the Gran Sabana is to Venezuela, an extensive area of grassland with termite mounds and scattered or riparian woodland. It differs in that much of it is devoted to cattle rearing. Continue across the Takutu River Bridge to Bon Fim, Brazil, before continuation to Boa Vista and onto Santa Elena (Brazil/Venezuela Border). Our bilingual Guide would brief you on the activities to follow; Overnight Hotel Anaconda or Similar (B)

Day 7: Cuidad Bolivar:

This morning we continue by vehicle to Ciudad Bolivar the town from which you fly to the Canaima National Park and Angel Falls. Transit time 10 hours. Overnight Hotel Laja City or Equivalent (BL).

Day 8: Canaima National Park:

Between 07:00 and 8:00 hrs we fly from Cuidad Bolilvar to the Canaima National Park. During our flight we will have astonishing views of the Tepuis , jungle, savannahs, and meandering rivers in the region. On arrival we will be greeted by the Local guide at Canaima Village who will eventually take us to our Lodge. In the Lodge the Local guide will explain the program for the day. After lunch between 2 and 2.30 pm we will go for our first adventure trip to the Lagoon of Canaima and other water falls in the area. We recommend that you equip yourself with plastic bags to protect your cameras, documents, and other crucial stuff, a pair of socks for walking behind the curtain of the falls. You should also carry your rain gear if you don’t want to get wet, this is because the boats will give a frontal view of the different waterfalls, and will also take you as close as possible to them, in this way, permitting the sprays of water to eventually wet you. The rest of the afternoon is spent on the beautiful beaches with perfect panoramic views of your surroundings-Overnight Kavak Jungle (BLD)

Day 9: Tour Angel Falls:

Immediately after breakfast we walk 20 minutes to the port to start our boat trip in motorized CURIARAS (Dugouts made out of a huge tree trunk) up the Carrao River. After navigating for 15 minutes we will stop in MAYUPA to hike for 30 minutes to the other side of the port,whilst our boat navigate through the rapids. We then continue by boat, and will stop at the Pozo de Felicidad (Happiness pool),to have a swim and to enjoy our box lunches. We continue 2 hours up river until we meet the junction of the Carrao and the Churun rivers, from where we will navigate for another 2 hours to the Isla Ratoncito. Here we will start our trek for 1 hour through the rain forest to the view point of Angel Falls. After taking pictures of this wonderful place, we will descend to the natural swimming pool 500 meters away from the drop of the waterfall. We finally return to our camp to sleep in the jungle lodge in hammocks. From this camp there are awesome views of the Angel falls. A beautiful sunrise can be experienced from this Lodge; Overnight Kavak Jungle Lodge (BLD)

Day 10: Tour Angel Falls:

After breakfast we return to Canaima Village to get ready for our return flight to Ciudad Bolivar. There are opportunities to buy local handicraft and maybe last chances of swimming in the Caniama lagoon before we fly out; Overnight La ja City Hotel (BL)

Day 11: Boa Vista & Manaus, Amazonas:

Today, we return to Boa Vista and continue by public bus, fully air-conditioned, fitted with toilets for the 758 kms drive onto Manaus, in the Amazonas (B)

Day 12: Rio Negro:

Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, on the banks of the Negro River in northern Brazil, is a major departure point for the surrounding Amazon Rainforest. East of the city, the dark Negro River runs side by side with the brown, muddy Solimões River in a phenomenon called the Meeting of the Waters, which converge to form the Amazon River. Upon arrival our Guides would welcome you and continue to the Port, stopping briefly by the market, before setting off by boat for approx. 30 minutes crossing the Rio Negro to the village of Cacau Pirera. You will travel by vehicle for approx. 50 minutes to the village of Paricatuba. From this village you will travel by motorized canoe to the Lodge located approx. 85 km from Manaus; have lunch and settle in. After lunch with our bilingual guide you will take a canoe trip through small creeks and go fishing for piranhas. A nocturnal expedition will allow you to see caimans and other wildlife that are semi nocturnal. Return to the Lodge; Overnight (LD) .

Day 13: Jugle Walk & River Tour:

After Breakfast, take an educational jungle walk for approx. 2.5 hours. During the walk the guide will teach you about medicinal plants and the trees of the Amazon rainforest. The high altitude means different plant life, bigger trees and a dense forest. Return to the lodge for lunch. After lunch, take a paddling canoe trip through small channels (Igarapés) or flooded lands (Igapós), depending on the season. Overnight (BLD)

Day 14: Meet the Amazona Cabolos :

Early sunrise tour, breakfast and a visit to the home of local natives. These “Caboclos” maintain a traditional lifestyle and they are proud people who are happy to share their way of living. Here our guide will also explain about local farming techniques. Back to lodge, lunch and free time for swimming in the tea-colored waters of the Rio Negro and prepare to travel back to Manaus arriving around 5:00 pm and depart by Public Bus for Boa Vista (BL).

Day 15: Boa Vista to Lethem:

Arriving in the early morning, we return to Lethem by vehicle for lunch. Spend the rest of the day relaxing; Overnight AG Hotel Toucanna (LD)

Day 16: Surama Amerindian Village:

guyananaturally_14This morning we take a 2.5 hours drive from Lethem thru the Rupununi Savannahs and foothills of the Pakaraima Mountains. See myriad of avian fauna feeding in the flooded Savannahs & Wetlands. The village of Surama is situated in a small savannah, deep in the rainforest and surrounded by forest clad hills. It was here that Charles Waterton passed through in 1812 in search of the secrets of the useful Wourali poison known as Curare. Waterton was so stunned by this spot that he wrote in his memoirs “The finest park that England boasts falls short of this delightful scene”. Surama’s inhabitants are mainly from the Macushi tribe and still observe many of the traditional practices of their forebears. On our arrival, we will receive a warm welcome from the local people and will be shown to our basic accommodation. Your guide will take you on a tour of the village. Visit the local school, medical centre and church along with some of the village houses. As the afternoon cools a local guide will escort you for a short walk on trails to observe the forest and bird life. See the forest through the eyes of your indigenous guide and learn about the medicinal plants and their uses in the Amerindian culture. Tonight enjoy an educational walk to observe wildlife and experience the mystique of the forest after dark. Overnight at Surama Eco-Lodge (BLD).

Day 17: Burro Burro River Tour & Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve:

Rise before dawn for take a three mile walk across the savannah and through the rainforest to the Burro Burro River. Breakfast will be served on the river bank. Your guides will then paddle you on the Burro Burro River for opportunities to observe Giant River Otters, Tapir, Tira, Spider Monkeys and many more species. Return to village for lunch. After lunch we will transfer you by 4 x 4 to the Atta Lodge. Along the road, we will watch for the myriad of bird species that frequent the forest edge, including Crimson and Purple-necked Fruit-crow, Crimson Topaz, Green Oropendula, Spotted and Guianan Puffbird, Scarlet and Red-and-Green Macaw, Blue-cheeked and Orange-winged Parrot and Gray-winged Trumpeter. The journey concludes at the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway where we can bird watch from the vantage of 30 Metres up in the canopy. From this tree top vantage you can sometimes see Red Howler Monkeys and Black Spider Monkeys. The trails also have an interpretative walk with the trees named and you can learn about their varied uses in the Macushi culture. Deer and agouti are also regular visitors to the lodge. As dark falls on the Canopy Walkway, we will hope to see the White-winged Potoo. Overnight at Atta Rainforest Lodge (BLD)

Day 18: Canopy Walkway & Iwokrama River Lodge:

wildguyana_12Although the forest around Atta Lodge is excellent for birds, the major attraction here is a 154 metre long canopy walkway which is only 750m from the lodge. The walkway has four platforms, the highest of which is over 30 metres above the ground, and these will allow us to get great looks at a range of canopy species, many of which we would struggle to see well from the forest floor. Another area where we will want to spend some time is the clearing around the lodge, as this is one of the best places to see another of Guyana’s “must see” birds, the Crimson Fruitcrow. This species is seen here on a reasonably regular basis, as it often comes to feed in some of the nearby trees. The clearing is also a reliable site for Black Curassow as there is a family party which has become habituated to people and regularly passes through the clearing. After lunch travel by 4 x 4 along the trail that is one of the best places to see the elusive Jaguar. The Iwokrama forest is rapidly gaining an international reputation for its healthy jaguar populations that seem not to be troubled by the appearance of curious humans. No promises, but many have been lucky. After some rest, take guided walks to nearby trails to observe birdlife of simply relax in full view of the mighty Essequibo River; Overnight Iwokrama River Lodge (BLD)

Day 19: Adventure Guianas Piraiba Lodge:

This morning we would set out on a boat ride further up the mighty Essequibo River, amidst lots of birdlife, hoping to see the Capybara, Giant Otter, Tapir, Primates (common are the Red Howler, Spider, Capuchins & Squirrel Monkeys) and even the elusive Jaguar, maybe feasting on a Giant River Turtle or Arapaima or just swimming from one bank to the other. The journey ends at Piraiba Lodge, deep into the jungles of Guyana. After lunch we will take a guided walk through one of our nature trails, hoping to see the Gray Brocket Deer and other wildlife. Before dark observe the Toucans, Ospreys, Muscovy Ducks, Anhinga’s etc making their way to their respective resting spots-Overnight AG Piraiba Lodge (BLD)

Day 20: Return to Georgetown:

Our boat will take you to Iwokrama Airstrip at Fairview Village for your mid- morning flight to E.F Correia International Airport, where our personnel will pick you up and take you to your Hotel in Georgetown: Free afternoon to self-explore Georgetown: Overnight Cara Lodge or Equivalent.

Day 21: Onward International Flight :

Duration: 21 days
Category: Moderate Adventure
Minimum: 2 persons
Price: $6,495 USD
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